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Smiley Speech Therapy Centre

We believe everyone has the right to grow happily. Therefore, we aim to provide sincere and professional speech therapy services to those in need. With our professional knowledge and enthusiasm, apart from providing direct services, we work to raise the awareness in society in repsect to kids with special educational needs.

Our Services

Common speech and language disorders are as below:

1.     Language delay/ disorder: receptive and expressive language

2.     Specific language impairment

3.     Speech sound disorders

4.     Oro-motor deficits

5.     Voice disorders

6.     Dysfluency


We provide intensive speech therapy emphasizing effective skills acquisition and home training. Appropriate goals setting after assessment session, specific treatment sessions planning and home training are the keys to success.


We provide... Assessment


1. Speech and Language Assessment

2. Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson Oral Motor Assessment (using Talktools materials)


We provide... Treatment


1. Speech and Language Therapy 

2. Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson Oral Placement Therapy (Talktools materials should be prepared by service users)

Contact Us

Address: Unit A. 9/F Nathan Tower 518-520 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

 (Yau Ma Tei MTR station Exit D)

Phone: 2487 2827 

Whatsapp: 9869 2722 




Service Fee

Individual Speech Therapy Sessions

Assessment session $1100/45 mins

Treatment session $1100/45 mins

Full assessment report or OPT program plan 
$1500 up



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